Borgholms Blues & Rock Festival

Mats Ronander

Mats Ronander, born 1 April 1954 in Sundsvall, Sweden, is a Swedish rock musician, guitar player, producer and composer.

Mats was born in Sundsvall, but grew up in Örebro. At the age of sixteen he succeeded Peps Persson as singer in the band Blues Quality. He was a member of the band Nature. The band backed up Ulf Lundell on a tour and three of Lundell's studio album as well as released a few records of their own. In 1979 he was one of ABBA's guitarists on their world tour.

The 1992 single "Gör mig lycklig nu" (written and performed with Dane Kim Larsen) and the album Himlen gråter för Elmore James produced by Max Lorentz were Ronander's most successful solo projects. Ronander was also a member of Low budget blues b...

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Julia & the Basement Tapes

Erics Bluesband


The Chargers

One rainy Vancouver night Marco(ex-Witches Hammer,Blasphemy) and Steve(ex-Witches Hammer) were out swilling beers at some sleazy downtown dive. The entertainment for the evening was some shitty rock and roll band that everyone had heard a million times before. After about 20 or so Beers and several shots of Jack, Steve said to Marco, "These guys don't know how to rock, I'll show them how to ROCK!" And with that he fell off the table and passed out. The next day, Marco showed up at Steve's house with a guitar, and an old friend. Tom the pusher(ex-Procreation). Tom had a big bag of weed and played a mean set of drumms. So with that, they began getting drunk and stoned and began jamming the wickedest rock and roll since the night before. No...

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Hurley & The Blue Dots