Adolphson & Falk

Adolphson-Falk, Swedish synthpop group centered around Thomas Adolphson (music, vocals) and Anders Falk (lyrics, music, vocals).

Having met during their army service in 1968 Thomas Adolphson and Anders Falk started cooperating musicaly. The constallation released a couple of singles and the LP "Nattexpressen" (Night Express) during the 70s. They also took part in the Swedish out take for Eurovision in 1979.

The main breakthrough of the group came in the radio program Eldorado in 1981 with the single "Blinkar Blå" followed by the LP "Med rymden i blodet" (with space in the blood) a year later.

The group also got a hit with the christmas song "Mer Jul" in 1984. Of great importance for the group's electroni...

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