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Mimi Werner

Mimmi Michaela Sarah Werner (born 17 December 1990), better known as Mimi Werner, a Swedish country artist and a songwriter. In 2015, she got signed to BMG Scandinavia. After writing songs for her EP in Nashville, she released her first single "Forever Again", an English version of the Swedish song "Strövtåg i hembygden" by Mando Diao. Mimi performed the song at Idrottsgalan (Swedish Sports Gala) 2016 together with the legendary artist and songwriter Plura. The second single, "Ain't No Good" was her contribution in Melodifestivalen 2016, in the first semifinal in Gothenburg. April 8, 2016 Mimi released her debut EP "Here We Go Again" and also her third single with the same name. The single is an duet with the rock entertainer Brolle. The...

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