Octavian was an Ottawa-based 7-piece rock band which consisted on lead singer John Pulkkinen, keyboardist Rob McDonald, vocalist Darryl Alguire, guitarist Warren Barbour, bassist Ray Lessard, drummer Kirk Dorrow, and guitarist Bill Gauvreau. Gutiarist/vocalist Bob Deeks replaced Alguire & Gauvreau in 1977. Michael Hicks later replaced McDonald on keyboards and John Livingston replaced Dorrow on drums. They recorded for MCA Records in Toronto. Their debut single, "Good Feeling (To Know)", released in 1974, was a Top 10 hit in the Canadian markets. They released their only album in 1975, "Some Kinda People", which released a second single, "Hold Me Touch Me" (later a Top 50 single for KISS guitarist Paul Stanley).

The band wen...

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