Hladno Pivo (HR)

Hladno pivo (Croatian for "Cold beer") is a punk rock band from Zagreb, Croatia formed in 1987. It is one of most popular rock bands in Croatia. The band initially consisted of four members: Zok, Tedi, Suba, Mile. The band started playing under the influence of bands like: Ramones, Motörhead, Sex Pistols, Zabranjeno Pušenje. In 1987, Stipe joined the band. On May the 21st, 1988 the band held their first concert in Kumrovec, Croatia. In 1988 band has also held an unsuccessful concert at lake Jarun in Zagreb, because the drummer of the band which played before them refused to leave the drums for Hladno pivo.

In 1989 Stipe leaves the band. This year is also important because Zok, Tedi, Suba and Mile recorded their first demo. The...

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