Dancehall Festival

Spice (JM)

Spice is the name of more than one artist:
1) Jamaican dancehall artist
2) Forerunner to Uriah Heep
3) Funk band from Hannover, Germany
4) DJ Spice

1) Born Grace Hamilton in Jamaica’s poverty-stricken Old Braeton community in Portmore, St. Catherine, Spice took her first step into the music scene from a church girl to a dancehall queen in 2000 at the annual music festival Sting. There, she delivered an excellent performance in front of Sting's usually acerbic crowd and earned several encores.

A few years later, Spice was introduced by fellow dancehall artist Baby Cham to Jamaican well-known producer Dave Kelly. From there, she released a string of singles under Kelly's record label Madhouse Recor...

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