Lastkaj 14

Lastkaj 14 was started in 2003 by Stryparn (voc, bass) and Dr Dille (drums). From the beginning, the band was only meant as a protest against the lack of trallpunk that reigned in Sweden at the time. It became so much more...

LK 14 recorded and released a 5 track ep in 2004. The ep was well received from both fans and media. The fan base grew rapidly and the demand for shows and more records were huge. Then as the road to fame lay ahead of them, the band suddenly disappeared from the surface of earth in 2004. Without traces or notices, everyone believed that the story of LK14 was over. They were wrong...

Suddenly in 2009 without any warning, the band resurfaced again. This time they were re-enforced by the new membe...

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There are 2 bands under the Attentat moniker:

1) Attentat is a Swedish punk band from the town of Gothenburg. Known among other things for their tight connections to the football club GAIS about which they have written and recorded a couple of songs.

Band members:
Mats Jönsson - vocals
Cristian "Crippa" Odin - bass
Magnus "Paddan/Remdo" Rydman - guitar
Patrik Kruse - guitar
Dennis "Larry" Staaf - drums

Previous members:
Martin Fabian - bass
Roberto Laghi - guitar
Dag Wetterholm - drums
Paul Schöning - drums
Peter "Pete the Beat" Björklund - drums

Discography (full length):
Tatuerade tårar (1981)
Här å nu! (1983)
I denna stan (198...

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In the summer of 2015, the Swedish punk rock trio Ärkepucko was formed. At a local rock festival in Falun, Lellah looked at Johanna and said “Hey, wanna start a band?”. Johanna said “Hell yes!” and they started looking for a third member. A short time later, Mark joined the group. And the rest is history.

The band has since written and performed songs that tackle feminist and anti-racist topics. By combining typical Swedish punk rock with harmonies, they add their own twist to the punk rock scene. Ärkepucko writes songs in both English and Swedish.

In autumn 2017, they released their first EP named Ohälsans Industri. Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License...

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