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Chemical Vocation

Chemical Vocation is a pop punk band, inspired by post-hardcore. The band members are from all over the west coast of Sweden. They met in highschool in Uddevalla and in 2005 they signed to an indie label called The Emo Foundation. In the Summer of 2005 their self-titled debut EP was released, leading with the catchy and memorable track 'Unspection'.
Their full length album called 'A Misfit In Progress' was released on September 24th 2008 through the the indie label Panic & Action.

Current members:
Pierre Larsson - Vocals
Jocke Jensen - Vocals & guitars
Kristoffer Lundström - Vocals & guitars
Anders Lennerås - Bass
Robin Jansson - Drums

Past members:

Johan Caullvine - Bass
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Part of the Band

Part of the Band is an electropop band from Karlstad, Sweden, formed in 2008.

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The story began on Rebecka Hugosson's kitchen floor. Tobias Norén heard Rebecka's singing for the first time and asked her to sing to a song that his friend Petter Falk (who formerly created music under the pseudonym Anonymous Caller) recently had written. The sound was a delight and all three wanted to be a part of the band. As Petter delivered more songs, the three spent an immense amount of hours in Tobias' co-owned studio - recording, mixing and testing the sounds and beats of the machines available.
The result is the Part of The Band EP - about wanting to belong, wanting to be lo...

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