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Sevenfield (NO)

Sevenfield was formed in 2008 by Ulf Homble and Anders Westengen.
After picking up Thor Gaarder, Andreas Gulbrandsen and Robin Strand
as the completion of the line up, a demo was recorded and soon after
the band landed a record deal with Ovis Records.

During the summer of 2009 the band were faced with some differencies between members.
Ulf decided to leave the band, and Bjørn Rønnow joined the band as the new drummer.

With the new complete line up, the musical product lifted itself to another level,
and Sevenfield went into the studio to record a taste of what to come. The Sevenfield EP
was released in January 2010.

The recording of their debut album, Apperception, took pla...

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