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The Resistance

Cynical Hatred


1. Apostasy (Sweden), a melodic black/death metal band. Released "Cell 666" in 2004 and "Devilution" in 2005. Despite the guitarist's murder in 2006, the band is still active. They released "Nuclear Messiah" in 2011.

2. Apostasy (USA), a thrash/death metal/deathcore band from Connecticut. They have released a number of recordings since 2002 and are still active. They released their first full-length, "An Empire Will Rise", in 2012.

3. Apostasy (Norway), a symphonic black metal band featuring members of Carpathian Forest and Opus Forgotten. They released two EP: Mournful Heaven EP (1998) & Autumn Heart (2002) and are still active.

4. Apostasy (Canada), a french canadian death metal band featuring a member...

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