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Live at Heart 2011

Fejd + The Blue Van (DK) + When in Rome + Kamchatka + Brutus (NO) + Israel Nash Gripka (US) + Agent Side Grinder + Damien + The Quill + Dead Man + Sky Architects + Den Stora Vilan + New Keepers of the Water Towers + The Gordons + The Mighty Stef (IE) + Lydmor (DK) + Stonewall Noise Orchestra + Sebastian Wijk + Shotgun Crackers + Side Effects + Crying Day Care Choir + Inlove + Motherlode + Hoven Droven + El Cuero + Ponamero Sundown + Baron Bane + Thalamus + Esbjörn Hazelius + Mother of God + Veracrash (IT) + Lapdog + Pray for Locust + Två + Brute + Marulk + Old Kerry McKee + Same Old Story + The Happy Hippo Family + Dennis Camitz + Aggressive Chill + Peder af Ugglas + Ok Star Orchestra + The Dead And Living + Rita Lynch + Richard Lindgren + Ida Long + Lsd on Cia (DK) + The Glade + The Kendolls + The Wait + Factory Brains + The Boy That Got Away (DK) + I Am So Me + Benesser + Fictional Me + Osten af Mozzarella + Meadows Ever Bleeding + Martin Prahl + Goes Calypso + Christoffer Skoug + Majestic Mojo + Louise Lemón + Views + Disraeli + The Tranq + Sixgun Republic (US) + Atlantic Driftwood + Mohlavyr + Waldemaar + The Pushers + Generalerna + Mathias Lilja + Comfort Addict + Anyone for Tennis + Brev Till Kalle + Annika Fehling + Third Stone + Bobby Sant + Sister Chain & Brother John (DE) + Joe Czarnecki + Elda med Höns + Loud As Light + V8 Interceptor + Drama Roots + Light Screamer + Dödsdepartementet + Landstrom + Mattias Lies + Alissa Isakovic + Johannes Und Der Täufer + Part of the Band + Fluru + Johnny Engstrom Band + Axel Nyström + Tullamore Brothers + TÖKPB + Miranda De Verdier + Turbojam + Nicholas Subraian + Kvara Kvartett + Midnight Moose & The Masters of the Universe + Martin Bengtsson + Chasing Decoys + Filip Fjäril + Speak the King's (DK) + Anna Fogel + Distant Treelines + Niclas Ekholm + Dôrgva + The 2120's + Future Citizens + Thee Satans + The Spunkmeyers + Bluestompers + Terry and The Conrods + Stairs + Convention of True Sound + Nordic Chill + Beauty Blinds + Kurbitz + Mattis/johan + Andrea Caccece + Dr. Gung Prescribes + Mobacka Blues Band + Rockin' Cobra & The Rattlesnakes + Con-fusion Blues Band


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"Fejd formed in 2001 through a fusion of the folk music duo Rimmerfors and a couple of members from the metal band Pathos. Rimmerfors played folk music with medieval undertones, performing on contemporary instruments, and together with their childhood friends of Pathos, they transformed into a refined band with the best of both worlds - the feeling of metal in symbiosis with the sound, the melodic language and sadness of the nordic folk music.

The brothers interest in swedish medieval folk music started back in 1995, commenced by music studying and the feeling of wanting to explore new musical ground and try something new. The brothers musical background, as well as their band mates, has its roots in heavy metal music. Inspira...

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The Blue Van (DK)

The Blue Van is a blues-rock band from Denmark consisting of Steffen Westmark (vocals and guitar), Søren Christensen (keyboard and vocals), Allan Villadsen (bass), and Per Jørgensen (drums and vocals). They are heavily influenced by the music of the 60s and 70s, such as the Small Faces, the Kinks, and Cream.

The Blue Van was founded in Brønderslev, Denmark when the members were in the 6th grade at school. Their first album, The Art of Rolling, was released in April 2005. Their second album, Dear Independence, was released in October 2006. The band tour extensively with Australian band Jet to promote 'Dear Independence'. Fans were treated to early renditions of 'Rico' 'The Odyssey' and 'Don't Leave Me Blue'. The band performed ...

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When in Rome


Kamchatka are a Swedish power trio highly influenced by late 1960s and early 1970s blues rock bands. Their sound combines elements of blues, stoner and psychedelic rock. The band took their name from the volcanically active Russian Kamchatka Peninsula that divides the Okhotsk and the Bering Sea.

Growing up in Varberg, a small town on the west coast of Sweden, Roger, Thomas and Tobias were all rehearsing at the same place, though in different bands, except for the occasional weekend jam session. In their mid teens, Roger and Thomas moved to pursue their musical career elsewhere, Roger to the east and Thomas to the north, while Tobias continued his back home. Some educational years of touring and recording albums with all kinds ...

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Brutus (NO)

There are at least five artists called Brutus:

- 1, a postpunk/shoegaze band from Leuven, Belgium //

Brutus is a power trio forged in Leuven (BE) early 2014. Brutus sparked, ignited and took off instantaneous. The sparks channeled into highly energetic, but always catchy tunes. From dissonant noise rock, to brutal metal structures to almost fragile guitar sounds, Brutus covers and masters a vast array of different styles. All these influences are seamlessly blended into their own distinct sound: freaky guitar tones and pounding bass lines that are kept in check by the tightest singing female drummer we have ever encountered. Brutus sounds colossal, Brutus sounds brutal.

Brutus released...

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