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Richmond Fontaine (US)

Richmond Fontaine is a four-piece alt country band based in Portland, OR.

The band was formed in 1994 by guitarist / lead vocalist Willy Vlautin and bass player Dave Harding at the Portland Meadows horse race track. Known for Vlautin's incredibly rich and evocative lyrics, several of Richmond Fontaine's songs relate to horse racing specifically and gambling generally. This is largely an artifact of Vlautin's upbringing in Reno, Nevada, a place that is heavily referenced in his lyrics, along with Portland, the U.S. Western states in general and occasionally Mexico. Vlautin is also an acclaimed novelist, having written two respected books, The Motel Life and Northline. As a fiction writer, he is often compared to Raymond Carver ...

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Dolorean (US)

The band started off in bars and cafes around Portland, Oregon with singer-songwriter Al James performing songs as Dolorean. It picked up speed after he teamed up with Jay Clarke and the two began to perform as a duo. Al on the guitar and Jay on a student piano. The resulting work was considered album worthy. So, with the help of The Standard's Robbie Duncan on drums Dolorean cut its first album on CDR in 2000.

Since then Al James and Jay Clarke have worked together to create four subsequent albums: "Not Exotic", in 2002, " Violence in the Snowy Fields", in 2004, "You Can't Win" in 2007, and ''The Unfazed'', in 2011, all with help from various friends from in and around Portland. Recently Dolorean covered Elliott Smith's "The ...

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