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Rockstad: Falun 2012

Epica (NL)

There is more than one artist known as Epica: ONE
Epica formed in the Netherlands. They are a symphonic metal band, founded by guitarist and vocalist Mark Jansen , subsequent to his departure from After Forever . Their songs largely deal with philosophical topics, including science, religion and world events. Official Website:
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Sabaton is a symphonic power metal band from Falun, Sweden formed in 1999. The band's main lyrical themes are based on war and historical battles. Lyrical content drawn from World War I, World War II and other conflicts is prevalent and includes songs about battles and leaders on all sides of said conflicts. In April 2012, four members left the band and formed another, whilst vocalist Joakim Brodén and bassist Pär Sundström continued with new members.

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Eluveitie (CH)

Eluveitie is a folk metal band from Winterthur, Switzerland. The founder of this band was Chrigel Glanzmann. The band formed in 2002 and their first EP, " Vên " came out in 2003. They describe themselves as "The new wave of folk metal ". The band then released a full-length album, " Spirit " in June 2006. In November 2007, Eluveitie was signed by Nuclear Blast . The first product of the collaboration, " Slania ", was released in February 2008. The album peaked at number 35 in the Swiss charts and number 72 in the German charts.

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Iced Earth (US)

Iced Earth is an American power metal band that combine heavy metal and speed metal / thrash metal genres in their music. The band was formed by Jon Schaffer , the lead songwriter and rhythm guitarist, in Tampa, Florida in 1984. The original name of the band was Purgatory but was then changed to Iced Earth. Iced Earth’s music is often described as the style of Iron Maiden combined with 80’s thrash metal.

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The Swedish death metal band Hypocrisy was formed by Peter Tägtgren in 1990 upon his return to Sweden from Florida, where he had been inspired by that state's flourishing death metal scene (bands like Morbid Angel , Deicide , Death and Obituary ). Hypocrisy's first demo was recorded entirely by Tägtgren himself; once it secured him a record deal, he recruited a lineup of Masse Broberg (Vocals), Jonas Österberg (Guitar), Mikael Hedlund (Bass) and Lars Szöke (Drums), while he himself settled on guitar.

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