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Capillary Action (US)

Capillary Action is an American avant-rock/experimental music group formed at Oberlin College in 2004 by Jonathan Pfeffer, the group's sole constant member.

Capillary Action's music is characterized by its emphasis on structure, density, lush orchestration, disjointed melodies, distinctive chord progressions, and wide dynamic range. There is often a carefully constructed philosophy underpinning each release. Pfeffer cites Tom Ze, Mercedes Sosa, Shudder to Think, Ornette Coleman, Kate Bush, Converge, Rogerio Duprat, Jorge Ben, Bartok, Scott Walker, György Ligeti, and Phil Spector as major influences.

Capillary Action has exhibited a strong DIY ethic, inspired by SST-era punk, releasing records on its own label Natura...

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