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Agamendon (DE)

Agamendon plays Death Metal with melodic elements. They combine rawness and melody to a highly explosive mixture.
Deepest growls and the melodic but aggressive guitarwork define Agamendon's music. Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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Din Brad (RO)

Din Brad is a folk group formed in 2008 in Timișoara, Romania. They offer a personal view of Romanian traditional music. Din Brad was developed as a chance to offer a different dimension of our interest and views on the local Romanian folklore, history and spirituality. Romanian traditional music is rich, complex and diverse. The goal is to shape through the music of Din Brad as a personal vision on the local traditional music, its ceremonial and social value as well as the deep connection with the natural and spiritual surroundings. It won’t be something just about music, but as much as about traditional meanings, symbols and knowledge.

Thought of since 2002 by Negru, the idea of Din Brad grew until 2008 when things started t...

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Negură Bunget (RO)

Negură Bunget is (or was; the status of the band is currently unclear) a folk-influenced atmospheric black metal band from Timișoara, Romania. The band was formed in early 1995 by Hupogrammos (guitars, vocals, keyboards) and Negru (drums; R.I.P. March 21, 2017). The duo’s first demo, From Transilvanian Forests, was recorded at Magic Sound Studio in Bucharest, November 1995, and released at the end of the same year, under the band’s original name, Wiccan Rede (it has since been re-released under the band's new name; page at From Transilvanian Forests). The release of this demo was preceded by the band’s first live performance in Buzau (June 1995), and was then followed by concerts all around Romania.

Once their conceptual pers...

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