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Die So Fluid (US)

Die So Fluid are the modern incarnation of a ‘power trio’. Their sound is a harmonic mixture of metal riffs, post-punk eclecticism and bittersweet grungesque melody. They are part of the first wave of bands to turn down signing a traditional record deal and embrace the changes the internet has made to the industry by stripping record companies of their distribution and promotion monopolies. Die So Fluid therefore retain ownership of all their recordings and copyright of all their songs.

Die So Fluid first surfaced in 2001, touring the country in the wake of their debut e.p. ‘Operation Hypocrite’, released on Sanctuary. They released a further single, ‘Suck Me Dry’ with Sanctuary before forming their own label, Cartesian, and ...

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The Cat Killers

The Cat Killers are based in Gothenburg, Sweden and play a kaleidoscopic blend of twisted post-punk, garage with occasional ukelele.

The Cat Killers are:

Bea - Vox, Melodica, Saw, Stylophone, Kazoo, Guitar
Rat - Guitar, Vox, Glockenspiel
Andy - Bass, Ukelele
Larro - Drums, Percussion, Tin whistle, Vox

Influences include:
moldy peaches, yeah yeah yeahs, cardiacs, stooges, be your own pet, quit your day job,
philemon art and dung
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