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Moi! Stockholm Goes Hard

Poisonblacks (FI)

The Man-Eating Tree (FI)

The Man-Eating Tree Is a Finnish five-piece band, performing atmospheric metal music. The seed of the new band was planted when Vesa Ranta, having taken a break from music after Sentenced, began to overcome his post-Sentenced battle against fatigue and lack of musical motivation. The idea of a new band – or bands – was eventually brainstormed over a period of time between Vesa and his friends, including gentlemen Miika Tenkula, Aaron Rantonen, Janne Markus and Mikko Uusimaa. Plans were made reality in 2009; the outfit was completed by the addition of Tuomas Tuominen (ex-Fall Of The Leafe) as a vocalist and Heidi Määttä (ex-Embraze) as a keyboard player. First demo recordings were made in the spring and summer of 2009. The bulk of composi...

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Blake (FI)