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Sielun Veljet (FI)

Sielun Veljet ("Soul Brothers", "Brothers of Soul" or "Soulmates") was a Finnish band, who started in the early 1980s and split after releasing their 1991 triple compilation CD Musta laatikko. The band's members were Ismo Alanko (vocals, guitar), Jukka Orma (guitar), Jouko Hohko (bass, guitar) and Alf "Affe" Forsman (drums). The music of Sielun Veljet was a sort of manic psycho-funk, with extremely intense live shows.

The vocalist Ismo Alanko wrote in Finnish, except for the albums Shit-Hot (recorded under the moniker L'Amourder, which was meant to be the band's more export-friendly international version) and Softwood Music Under Slow Pillars which were in English. Read more on . User-contributed text is available und...

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