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Jesse Jackson (US)

He was born in italy and grew up in Wyoming. His first instrument was the saxophone. He started playing it in the 6th grade in Cody, Wyoming. He went to high school at the hyde school in Bath, Maine. He later graduated and attended the Berklee School of Music in Boston where he studied jazz performance & music theory. He only attended for a few semesters. He left berklee and taught himself to play the guitar and began writing songs in Las Vegas. He lived there for a couple months then moved to Miami. He has lived in Miami since.

This was taken from Jesse Jackson's MySpace page which I suggest everyone look into. He's an extremely talented artist who has the folk sound of Bob Dylan and the smoothness of infamous jazzist, Mose ...

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The Legendary Pink Dots (NL)

The Legendary Pink Dots are a Netherlands-based band formed in August 1980 in the UK who, although distinctly underground, have been musically influential over the years. The band name was derived from pink dots of nail varnish on the piano in their squat, where founding members Edward and April lived. The band has as its focal point vocalist Edward Ka-Spel, who is, along with Phil "The Silverman" Knight, one of the original remaining members of the band. In the mid eighties the band resettled in the Netherlands, where they still reside today. Apart from Edward and Phil, the line-up has gone through many changes. Members such as Ryan Moore, a Canadian bass player, who joined in 1991 after the recordings of the Last Man to Fly with the T...

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