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Wolves in the Throne Room (US)

Wolves in the Throne Room is a black metal band which formed in Olympia, Washington, United States in 2002. The band's core lineup has primarily consisted of brothers Nathan Weaver (vocals, guitar) and Aaron Weaver (drums, other instruments), though since 2017 Kody Keyworth (guitar) is also considered a permanent member. The band has released six full-length albums to date, as well as a number of EPs. They have stated one of the founding concepts of the band to be channelling the "energies of the Pacific Northwest's landscape" into musical form. Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.


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Wolvserpent (US)

Wolvserpent, a project created by collaborators Blake Green and Brittany McConnell, manifested in 2009 in Boise, Idaho.

Wolvserpent's focus is on creative expressions of spirituality, nature, and the occult. The duo's music creates beautifully bleak visuals of the worlds we live in and the worlds we do not. Some of which are vibrant and full. Some that have long turned to dust and been drained of life. Both of which share equal beauty and terror. Within this music exists a forgotten but healing sanctuary. The opportunity to disappear from the fears and stresses of modern living and focus your strengths within, finding honesty, integrity, imagination, joy and the deepest of sorrows.

This musical expression moves us ...

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