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Dia Psalma

Dia Psalma are almost legendary in the Swedish punk scene. Their music is best described as punk and metal tunes with influences from folk music with lyrics stretching from politics to Swedish folklore. The band is best categorized as "trallpunk", a Swedish term to describe punk sung in Swedish with lyrics easy to sing along with.

The band was formed in 1992 from the 80's punk band "Strebers" after one of the members died in a car accident. Ulke and Ztikkan recorded one last album called "Till en vän" (to a friend) with a drum machine replacing their friend and then decided to start a new band. They found Stipen who joined them as a drummer and in 1992 Dia Psalma was formed.

During the 90s Dia Psalma swept in like ...

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Cowbells and a singer frothing at the mouth, three packs a day at least, tumbleweed flying around and a chupacabra sucking the blood of goats. Ridden with disease, balls to a brick wall and shredding guitars to accentuate the shit storm stemming from the nuclear bass and pounding drums.

Tapping from the well that fed Judas Priest, Accept and possibly even old Metallica, this loud quartet from Sweden have begun to spread like nuicance but it's a good thing. Whether you like your rock and roll with an extra nut or not, the chance of you banging your head to the sound of a fucking SnakeStorm is far too great to imagine on a rainy day.

This is the evolution of Elvis Presley! Read more on . User-contributed t...

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