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Quit Your Dayjob

In the early eighties punk came to the industrial city of Landskrona in southern Sweden. The outcast youngsters were squatting community buildings and fighting neonazis with stillettoknives and fuzzguitars. Two adolescent boys, Jonass and Marcass, were raptured by the commotion and quickly became part of the punkscene. In the still of the night they stole a guitar and a bassyntheziser from the local musicstore and started making fast aggressive music. Their first gig was as an opening act to the infamous punkrocker Neon Leon, who at that time played some form of pornographic blues with Little Richardesque outbursts. Some fifteen years later Jonass and Marcass met up in Malmo with skamaniac Andreass and Quit Your Dayjob was born. The band...

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