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Manolito Y Su Trabuco (CU)

Manolito y su Trabuco was one of the first timba bands. In 1995 they released their first album, Directo al corazón. In 2006, about to release their 7th album, Hablando en serio, they've enjoyed a gradual and steady rise in popularity and are now generally considered to be among the top three or four true timba bands in Havana. They tour Europe regularly. In the the US so far they've only played in NY and Miami.

Manolito Simonet was the musical director and pianist for Maravilla de Florida before forming the Trabuco. The group features a unique instrumentation of violin, cello, flute, two trumpets and two trombones, plus synth, piano, congas, bass and an absolute powerhouse of a drummer, Roicel Riverón. The singing is exquisi...

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