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Lo-Fi-Fnk (pronounced: LO-FI-FUNK) are from Stockholm, Sweden. The band consists of Leo Drougge and August Hellsing. Leo and August write, produce and perform all Lo-Fi-Fnk songs. When performing live Link Drougge, Maja Gödicke and on previous tours Nottee has also joined the band.

Lo-Fi-Fnk's debut album "Boylife" was released by Moshi Moshi Records (UK, EUR, USA), Speak N Spell (Australia, NZ), La Vida Locash (Scandinavia) in 2006. The earlier recordings we self released on CDR's and an EP "... And The JFG?" (La Vida Locash).

In 2008 Lo-Fi-Fnk contributed "Want U" which became the opening track of Kitsuné Maison Compilation #6. In 2010 the group self leaked a new song "Marchin' In" via their Facebook page and late...

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