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The Wait

1) The story of UK post-punk The Wait goes back to 1981, when schoolfriends, Hamish Champ and Andy Linden picked up guitars and decided to form a band. Teaching themselves to play, they invited various personnel to join them, including Simon Matthews on guitar and Duncan Clayton (drums). This line up went by the name of The Trees, but Simon soon got bored and Kevin Tweedy joined on Keyboards in Sep 1982.

The name was changed to The Wait after the songs by Killing Joke and The Pretenders. Hamish and Andy shared the vocals, and they were finally ready to play the first gig in Feb 1983. After the first 5 gigs, Dawn Kelly was recruited as lead singer, but was sacked 3 gigs later because she was a bit of a wally (!). Jeanette Purce...

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