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Medeival Metal Night

Ultimate Fate

Ultimate Fate is a band with one foot in the classic and melodic heavy metal sound and the other in the symphonic genre. All together with the powerful and ethereal voice of Jennie Nord, the sound of Ultimate Fate is quite unique in today's metal scene!

Ultimate Fate was originally formed by Ola Olsson and guitarist Jacob Hede, both previous members of the Bay Area sounding thrash metal outfit Violator. As both wanted a different approach from what they delivered before, they searched for a female vocalist to front the new project. It didn't take long before Jennie Nord, by then a brand new light to be explored, entered the group and shortly after bassist Niklas Fahlén was hired aswell.

After the first teaser “The R...

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Black Magic Fools

Black Magic Fools comes from Gothenburg, Sweden. They were born in 2008 with Medieval themes in their lyrics. Influenced by Garmarna, Nordman, Schelmish, Eluveitie, Apocalyptica or again Iron maiden, they enjoy Trad. folk, and metal ; but they like to compose too. They played at Hörnerfest & made several gigs already. Also for april fools 2011, they played with Fejd. No joke.

Bands members:
Pontus Nilsson: Bagpipes (Sackpfeife), Vocals
Kristin Svensson: Violin, Vocals
Ida Persson: Bass, Violin
VevGöran Hallmarken: Hurdy-Gurdy
Daniel Henriksson: Guitar
Johannes Hällström: Bass
Björn Wallin: Drums Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA Lice...

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Last Kingdom

Nordic Melodic Metal hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden est. 2004. Join the storm!

It all began in 2004…
Two hard rocking dudes called Stefan and Freddy met in a Volvo Truck factory, and quickly came to the conclusion that something had to be done, or else they would be stuck in there forever. They both loved their rock (influences such as Halloween), and both of them wanted to be rock stars, so why not start a band?
Last Kingdom was formed by the singer Stefan Jacobsen and the former guitarist Freddy Olofsson. They immediately started to write some songs together. But just two guys was not enough to start the band, so the search for more Last Kingdom’nians started.

After slight lineup changes, Stefan recruit...

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Zero Illusions

Zero Illusions was formed in Gothenburg, Sweden in the summer of 2004. It was the inevitable step when the hard rock band Pain and Passion, by that time consisting of singer Björn Asking, bass player Hans Johansson and drummer André Holmqvist was looking for a new sound and a new guitar player. When axe man Janne Lüthje showed up at the audition with his 7-stringed Jackson it all made perfect sense..

The combination of four band members listening and inspired by different bands, and the fact that all music of Zero Illusions is composed together at the rehearsal spot, opens up for an interesting result. Zero Illusions is influenced and inspired by thrash/metal/industrial bands like Nevermore and Rammstein via the more progress...

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