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Rockstock Fuzztival III


Skraeckoedlan play music that is groovy and heavy, with mostly all of the lyrics in Swedish. The reason for that is that they think that it gives ananother dimension to the sound and psychedelicness.

In late september 2009, Skraeckoedlan recorded their first EP, "Flykten från tellus" (the escape from earth) in the Bombshelter studios in Örebro, with Oskar Cedermalm of Truckfighters as producer / technician.

It's a 5 track EP with an abstract concept about the environmental issues going on, with the polar ices melting, leading to a big horror lizard being awaken from the ice, and beginning to demolish the earth.
And that is also what the name Skraeckoedlan means, horror lizard.

Skraeckoedlan released...

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Den Stora Vilan

Ocean Chief

Ocean Chief are a sludge/stoner doom band from Sweden. They have released three full-lengths, "The Oden Sessions", on Church Of Doom Recordings, "Tor" on 12th Records and "Den Förste" on Electric Earth Records. They've also released split with Runemagick ("The Northern Lights") and a split with Kongh. The music is a combination of heavy stoner doom passages, with sludge influences, and sometimes very upbeat and groovy moments. The band specializes in extremely long songs, the longest on their debut being 25 minutes in total.

Line up:
Tobias Larsson - Drums, Vocals
Jocke Pettersson - Bass
Björn Andersson - Guitar

1st Demo (Demo, 2002)
Oden (Demo, 2003)
The Oden Sessions (...

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Numbah Ten

1. Swedish stoner group.

2. Numbah Ten was a finnish hard rock/heavy metal group during 1993 - 1997, from the town of Vaasa, Finland. Band members were Patrik Norrgård (vocals), Benny Fors (guitar), Jocke Kulju (guitar), Björn Backman (bass) & Jesse Nissinen (drums). This also was the only line-up throughout the group's existence.

Benny Fors and Patrik Norrgård were previously known from other local hard rock outfits. Their previous outfit--Hollis Brown--only existed for three years and released two singles before disbanding in 1991. Before they disbanded they made quite a few local headlines, even collaborating with finnish rock scene mainstay Dave Lindholm. Norrgård and Jocke Kul...

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