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Country Music Julshow

Lance Miller (US) + Red Jenkins


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Lance Miller (US)

“I sing like I sing,” proclaims Fairfield, IL native Lance Miller. Gleaning the best from the past (his father and Outlaws like Haggard and Waylon) and the present (George Strait, Alan Jackson and Tim McGraw), Lance has forged a unique sound that could be best described as the future of country music. Lance was a finalist on USA Network’s Nashville Star Season 2, where he won fans across the country with his rumbling old-school twang and his new-school country attitude. On the show, Miller became acquainted with judges Tracy Gershon, who later signed him to Warner Bros. Records, and the Warren Brothers, who produced the forthcoming album. After years spent singing demos and writing songs in Music City, Nashville Star and the Warren Br...

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Red Jenkins