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Lucknow Pact

Gothenburg band Lucknow Pact was formed in 2002 by Hazel Markus Blom, Mischa Hayman, Andrew Hartman and Lars Nordgren. They soon became a quartet when keyboardist Carl-Magnus Berger joined the in 2003. The basic idea was to take 80's and 90's guitar-based indie pop to a new level. By combining simple popharmonier with a heavy rhythm section, airy guitars and passionate vocals had found a way to something new. After the first single "A few drinks, a few laughs" released in 2004, they began to be seen and heard more and more on the Swedish indie scene.

The band sign up by Hit in Yo Soul and released her debut album the following year. Lars Nordgren had stopped and been replaced by Therese "Tammy" Karlsson. "Youth is for the old"...

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