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Dr Arthur Krause 10 År

Dr. Arthur Krause

Dr. Arthur Krause is a swedish Gothrock-band sounding a lot like the early The Sisters of Mercy. They released four albums: "Before and after" in 2004, "When Love Is Dead" in 2007, "Solutions" in 2010 and "The only time she moves" in 2016. Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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The Mist of Avalon

Founded as a classic goth rock band back in the 90s, The Mist Of Avalon have built up quite a reputation during the last 15 years performing together with a. o. Tiamat, Funhouse, NFD and 69 Eyes. Now, after a recording hiatus of 10 years, the Swedish band present with “Dinya” their much-anticipated third album. Regarding their musical development, the band has successfully cast off any genre bonds.

The 12 new songs show an exceedingly varying range of various influences. Of course, some original goth elements can still be found at times as proven by e. g. the dark “Negri” being accompanied by heavy guitars. However, the band knows how to build up permanent tension throughout the whole album with boisterous up-tempo tracks (“Lo...

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Changes, turns and crossroads.

The path of Miosis has not been a straight one, but the glowing light in the tunnel has always kept the collective moving in one common direction. That light has been belief in the music, the will of expression, the drive of creativity and the pride of the product, the art, or whatever. The goal is and has always been, some sort of success and a chance to live as musicians. The desire to buy time, peace of mind, money and energy enough to quit, or at least cut down, on other work-like activities...

Down hills (or ups)

The album, Albedo adaptation (Lion music, 2009) has been treated very well by listeners, writers and reviewers, and except for a few flaws in the product...

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GBG Punx

Alright then, our life's history... The band started in 1982. 6-10 was one of the founding members with Tott joining shortly after. Members came and went for a couple of years. Former members include Crippa (Attentat, Full Metal Jacketz, Troublemakers), Jens (Tatuerade Snutkukar, Full Metal Jacketz, Troublemakers), Senap (Bumssen Muss Mann) and H-son (Sune Studs & Gr..nlandsrockarna, Full Metal Jacketz, Rampant Dogs). Micke then joined the band in 1986. During the 90s we had a bit of a break with everybody being busy playing with other bands. We never quit though. Then, in 2000, we were asked to do a gig. We got our current drummer Christ (Libresse, Atomvinter, Goo) and did the gig. This got us going properly so we did more gigs, made ou...

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