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Bottlecap draws her inspiration from the ridges found on the backs of shells and West Coast misty afternoons. Her music can be described as solar and electric. She is, together with Grasseater, a member of the experimental trio, Anchovy Regime and her work shines through on that band's more textured and springy tracks. Bottlecap is currently working on her first solo album, Mockodile, due to be independently released in 2010. Her work has also been featured on the Indie videogame, Lonely as a Cloud.

When asked how she got the name Bottlecap as her recording alias, she responded with "Years of practice." Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may ap...

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Side Effects


Crescendolls Power Trio
Proudly Presents;

Ten Out Of Ten

After almost three years of blood sweat and fears, Crescendolls finished their debut album. The album was recorded with Stefan Aaronson in his studio which conveniently is located two doors down the hall from Crescendolls rehearsal-room.
Crescendolls used to rehearse in the actual recording-room of the studio.
It never occurred that they were in the right place at the time. Later on the band moved two doors down the hall because the lack of privacy in sharing a room with two other bands.

Half a year went by before Stefan suggested that they’d try record with no pressure of what the outcome might be; the sound on those two tracks were ...

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