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Rikk Agnew (US)

Richard Agnew, (born on December 9, 1958) more commonly known as Rikk Agnew, is an American guitarist who has played in some of the most influential bands of the Orange County hardcore punk scene, as well as the influential deathrock band Christian Death.

With counterpart Casey Royer, Rikk played in Social Distortion and the Detours in 1979. He joined The Adolescents in 1980. His guitar style and writing domintated the legendary Blue Album on Frontier Records. In a precursor of things to come, Agnew left the band soon after its release in 1981, due to personal and creative differences. Replacing Agnew briefly was Pat Smear from The Germs who later played guitar in Nirvana and Foo Fighters. Agnew released his first solo album, ...

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