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Nisennenmondai (JP)

Nisennenmondai (にせんねんもんだい) are a Tokyo, Japan-based instrumental rock trio who make music that's both raw and danceable in equal measure. They formed in 1999 and took their name from the Japanese translation of the then-current phrase "Year 2000 Computer Bug".

Guitarist Masako Takada, bassist Yuri Zaikawa, and drummer Sayaka Himeno met at a club near their university and formed the band soon after. The band have mostly released music on their own Bijin label. The compilation album Neji/Tori was released by Norway's Smalltown Supersound in 2008. The band are known for their dynamic live show, and despite little mainstream media attention, have built a substantial international following. Read...

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CJ Boyd (US)

CJ Boyd (b. 1979) is a bassist and composer without a fixed home. Born in Santa Maria, California, United States and having resided in cities around the United States and Europe, he and his music are always moving. He has been touring and releasing recordings since 2001.

Equal parts ambient and virtuosic, melancholic and playful, CJ Boyd’s bass playing melts glaciers, creating a sea of low, flowing rhythms, while also supplying melodies that soar over the ocean to melt the sun itself. Waves of bass loops are garnished with harmonica drones and constant improvisational exploration. This is deep-sea-diving for the hungry and alone. While certainly following in the footstep of great bassists like Charles Mingus and Edgar Meyer, B...

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