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Scraps of Tape

Scraps Of Tape started in 2001 and the members has since then constantly been working with the band in one way or another. Six European tours, one tour in Japan over the course of two weeks, and a bunch of one-off shows made up a total of over 100 live shows in 14 different countries since they began. With at least three tours in Europe and Japan planned for 2009, it was only the beginning.

So far Scraps Of Tape has recorded three albums, all of them released on the Swedish independent recordlabel A Tenderversion Recording.

2004 - Read Between The Lines At All Times
2007 - This Is A Copy Is This A Copy
2009 - Grand Letdown

Scraps Of Tape currently consists of Johan Gustavsson (guitar/drums/vocal...

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Cilihili is the soloproject of Cecilia Nordlund (leadsinger of Souls, Monkeystrikes and Sunshine Rabbits)
The album "Not listening" will be released on the 18th of february 2009 on Margit Music/Border.It was recorded during 2007 - 2008 with producer Christoffer Lundqvist in Aerosol Grey Machine Studios in Skåne, Sweden. Some of swedens finest musicians are playing on the album such as Lotta Wenglén and Fredrik Myhr. Cecilia lives in Malmo, Sweden - close to the rest of Europe.

Cecilia Nordlund appears in the documentary Jag är min egen Dolly parton.

Visit the Cilihili website and watch the new video - or myspace

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