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Sjööset Warm Up

Propane Propane

In December 08 we got together and formed Propane Propane, all band members actually meet through the internet and I must say I was kind of suprised that we all got along and matched each other very well.

Our genuine love for all that heavy, hazy and psychedelic rock always keeps us together.
At the start we really had trouble finding the right bass player for the band. It was always either a lack of motivation or skills that was the problem, but in september 09 we got contacted by Niklas, he came over on a "audition" and everything just feelt right.

For 10 months we practiced, jammed and wrote songs before we played our first time out.
Now our fourth show is coming up the December 11th in Jönköping and I...

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Bulldog Mack

The Brimstone Days

The Brimstone Days aim to be the live band with enough energy to get the listener and the audience caught up in an euphoric thrill. With clear influences from the 70′s and with catchy tunes, they deliver retro-rock with a modern twist to dance to.

As a fairly new band, they’ve already had to live through a line-up change with original bassist, Elias Dellow, leaving the band after they recorded their EP, Flowers and Rainbows. This was a hard thing to take for the remaining duo, but they soon found a new spark with the addition of their next and current bassist, Hampus Hallgard. With the addition, the band quickly reenergized to bring energy to their live show.

With the desire to bring the same sound and energy from t...

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