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Embrace Elijah

Embrace Elijah was a post-hardcore band from Örebro, Sweden.

The band took its current form in October 2009. They recorded their first EP called "Six Wrong Stories" who also was the name of the band by the time.
They released the EP in January 2010 with loads of good response. But they thought that they had so much more to deliver. So they started to write new songs and to change their name to Embrace Elijah.
Since this happening the band has been working really hard to make the band a name worth remember.
They have already done a lot of gigs and touring in Sweden and have made a lot of fans.
With the full-length album "Intentions" they are ready to show the whole world WHY Embrace Elijah is something wor...

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Fraction of a Dot

FRACTION OF A DOT was founded early 2010, by Johan, Jonatan, Emil and Matti when they had been speaking back and forth about starting a new band. They all met up in a coffe shop to speak about this idea they all had. Once they finished their coffee they all agreed upon a new band.

They got themselves a rehearsal studio and started writing some songs and came to realize that they were missing a member, someone that could scream, shout and act upon stage. Once again, they sat down together and spoke about who would be a proper last member; "Robin!". Jonatan wrote a mail to Robin with an invite to come and hear them rehearse and hopefully join in.

The day came and Robin ...

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Writing the Future