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Sacred Night

Anouar Brahem Quartet

Alireza Ghorbani (IR)

Ali-Rezā Ghorbāni (Persian: علی‌رضا قربانی) was born in 1972 in Tehran, Iran. Since he was very interested in old Iranian traditional music, he started learning it eagerly. In 1984, he was fascinated by compilation of poetry and music and the insight of Iranian Music under the supervision of his first honorable mentors: Khosro Soltani, Behrooz Abedini, Mahdi Fallah, Hossein Omoumi, Ahmad Ebrahimi and also Razavi Sarvestani. His acquaintance with Ali Tajvidi and Farhad Fakhreddini led him to new horizons of Iranian music.

He has already taken part in many important Festivals all over the world together with many musicians and some of these festivals and programs are available in the market on CDs.

He has been the ...

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