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Torqux (UK)

Around April 2008, after a couple of years as a well established breaks act, Jimmy invested in a home studio. With some money set aside he could solely, full time, concentrate on his music.

After a few months of not even seeing the real world Torqux took his first steps.
He has gained support from the likes of Jay Cunning, Reid Speed, The Freestylers, Ctrl-Z, Skrewface, Vent, DJ Quest, Far Too Loud, The Equalisers, The Magnet Men, Diverted, Freq Nasty, The Beat Assasins, Afghan Headspin, Riskotechque, Marchmellow, Suspect, Stenchman, Backdraft, D-Ranged, High Rankin, Excision, 16 bit, Rob Sparx ...


Jimmy started producing on Fruity Loops 2 around the age of 18. Growing up he listened t...

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