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Rocket Room

Pike Cavalero (ES)

Joakim Tinderholt (NO)

The Domestic Bumblebees

The Domestic Bumblebees is a rockabilly trio from Stockholm, Sweden consisting of Daniel Kordelius (vocals and guitar), Tobias Einestad (doublebass, guitar and vocals) and Johan Svensson (drums and vocals). Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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The Mobsmen (NO)

So the rumours about those lurking Norwegians turned out to be true. There IS actually a bunch of guys who are crazy enough to play the swinging surf-sounds that were so familiar on the Southern Californian ballrooms in 1963. With crashing drums, thumping bass-sounds and reverb-drowned guitars the ever-growing band of the Mobsmen find their way in the shady streets of Oslo, Norway. Their first ever rehearsal took place in january 2005, and they have since proved that surf-music has a place in the Tiger City nightlife with several shows around the Norwegian capitol. -Bjarte, the bass-player also plays rhythm guitar in Peter Berry and the Shake Set, and he is a diehard fan of the British beat-scene. He will be no stranger to admit that the...

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