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Arnaud Rebotini (FR)

Producer and singer from Black Strobe, Arnaud Rebotini was raised on funk and disco by his father nevertheless he rebelled and formed death metal and noise grunge bands. In 2000 he released an album ‘Organique’ under the nick name Zend Avesta, which was an experimental pop project. As a classical buff, he also works for the GRM, a state institution (created by the veteran innovators Pierre Henry and Pierre Schaeffer devoted to contemporary music).

Many producers asked him, or as Blackstrobe, remixes such like Oliver Huntemann, ZEN KEI, The Rapture, Depeche Mode, Tiefschwarz and many more. Besides his Black Strobe discography, Arnaud Rebotini lately released records on Kling Klong, Goodlife and dimmer. Bored to compose and pro...

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