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Little Gang

Simultaneously at odds with and at home in the present. Aware of the future slipping into the past. Little Gang took to making musical roots in the winter of 2010, based around and driven by the unsettled energy and musical ambition of American Jacob Snavely (Dag för Dag). Armed with intent, energy, anecdote and loose musical ideas Jacob sought after another outlet to serve as a scribe. A safehaven to lay down the past and future meanderings and create a present voice. With a child like desire to push forward the musical process, he presented these idea to close cronies and confidants in his transplanted homeland of Stockholm Sweden. The plan was with as little premeditation as possible, as an ode to the process, to get these ideas down ...

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There are six artists called Monty:

1. An American rock band now known as Monty Are I
2. Monty from the UK.
3. Monty from Sweden, whose real name is David Pagmar. Also known as Montt Mardié.
4. Monty, a producer from St. Louis, MO. Monty is also the artist formerly known as Quelnt.
5. Monty (the SpacePoet) -
6. Monty, the French yé-yé singer, most active in the sixties.

1. On 3 March 2006 they signed with Stolen Transmission Records out of New York City, NY, USA.

Monty has many national tours under their belt, including, but not limited to: RX Bandit's Summer 2006 Tour, two years on Van's Warped Tour after they won the Ernie Ball sponsored...

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