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Pound was formed in 2004 in the town of Borlänge, located somewhere near the middle of Sweden, by four guys with a great passion for music. It’s original members were Stefan Gustavsson, Janne Korpela, Mika Itäranta and Martin Haglund. Having played together a few years in the pop/rock band Universal Puppies, the guys felt that they wanted to put a harder edge to their music but still keep the great pop melodies - Pound was the result.

In 2005 they released their first ep “Phantom killer” which received great reviews. The music was heavier than before but Stefan was still the main songwriter so the great melodies were still present.

A few months after the release of “Phantom Killer”, Martin and Mika decided to leave ...

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There seem to be multiple projects called Thalamus.

1) Thalamus is a stoner rock band formed in Borlänge, Sweden in 2006. Lineup consists of Kjell Sjöström - guitars, vocals, Jan Cederlund - guitars, Peter Johansson - bass and Sebastian Olsson - drums .

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2) A progressive grunge rock band primarily from Moers, Germany, consisting of the four members Roland Kozubek (drums), Andreas Klees (bass), Dennis Bosch (guitar) and David "Dave" Müller (vocals, guitar). Their debut album "The Ordered Insanity" was released in the year 2004 and the second album "27" was released on August 19th 2006.

official site (German)

3) A DJ / Live act in various styles (harddance, h...

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