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Misconduct started out when a group of guys living in the small Swedish town of Kristinehamn decided to form a band that would continue on the principles and values set forth by other hardcore bands existing in the late 80's, early 90's. The original lineup consisted of Fredrik "Ollo" Olsson (Vocals), Martin "Mört" Roed (Guitar), Daniel Andersson (Bass) & Jonas "J.C." Carlsson (Drums). The first version of Misconduct was formed in fall '95 and several months later they recorded their first and only demo "Like the old days", which was indeed old-school hardcore with their very own touch. The demo consisted of seven intense and very short tracks, which caught the attention of Bad Taste Records.

The first Bad Taste recording the...

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Uncommon Men from Mars (FR)

Same Old Story

Four artists link to this page. The first is an Australian punk band, the second is a Korean screamo/emo band, the third is Russian hardcore band, the fourth is a Swedish punk rock band.

1) Same Old Story have been casually dishing it out for years now and still not one ounce of true musical talent to be found, just raw instinct and uncanny luck. When you think about it... Isn't that kind of four chord trash truely what the 13 year olds want to hear these days? Words like incendiary, explosive, energetic and orgasmic could all be loosley used to describe this "uniquely" visionary quartet. If you like a band who is not actively seeking to redefine their signature sound, or if you just really like a band that can openly admit t...

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