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Marcus Schössow

The youngest legend in the business, South Swedish-born redhead Marcus Schössow was a pioneer in mixing house with trance and thus creating the dominating sound in EDM today (sadly). Since then he has continued to develop his act and has single handedly created something that all producers thrive for – a distinguished and recognizable, unique sound. A professional DJ since his teens Marcus has had a strong career for the last ten years including highlights like his legendary beef with Deadmau5, teaching Tiësto to drink Jägermeister shots and hosting his own radio show on Sirius/XM. Marcus own label Tone Diary Recordings gets equal support from the heavy hitters in both the house and the trance scenes. His productions are a must in both A...

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Henrik B

Making music since 1991 dj´ing since 1994.
Henrik B is a man of many talents, who now at the peak of his game continually delivers the goods both on & off the dancefloor through his trademark epic productions. He originally made a name for himself in the techno community, releasing tracks on
key labels such as Drumcode, Primate & Corb. With the continually blurring lines
between House & Techno, it wasn’t too long before Henrik’s productions crossed
genres and he began to work closely with the likes of Angello, Prydz and the other
key players.

From there as they say the rest is history… the last 3 years have taken Henrik on a
very prosperous & profile building ride. Remixing & releasing for such in...

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