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Modern Lovers Malmö

Mono Stereo

Mono Stereo hail from Malmö in Sweden and are one of those rare bands who manage to reach into the back of your brain and caress the parts that will forever be warmly receptive to the sounds of Lenny Kaye’s historic Nuggets package, The Chocolate Watch Band, Brian Jones era Stones, The Kinks, The Byrds ca. 65-68, Gary Usher’s mindbending stereo-panning productions and so on and so forth… Paying due reverence to the musical landscape of the paisley coated side of the ‘60s, with a flavour of the ‘90s shoegaze scene, they have retained their own modern identity.

But Mono Stereo exist in the here and now, and not merely exist, but explode into your consciousness, with their glorious musicality, exquisite reference points and fabu...

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