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Stefano Noferini (IT)

Stefano Noferini begins his artistic career in 1980 as one of the main contributors to the development of the nightlife in Florence, Italy. With his support, Florence becomes one of the focal points for the Italian and foreign music trends. After being identified as a pioneer of the electronic trend, Stefano Noferini gets closer to house music once again. Basically, the echo of historical phenomena. In the early 90’s Stefano Noferini was the resident DJ in real temples of house music, such as Titilla (Cocoricò’s privé room in Riccione) and Fitzcarraldo in Arezzo.
In the last two years, Stefano Noferini has played his tracks at Titilla, Echoes in Misano Adriatico, Peter Pan in Riccione, and even at Pacha, Amnesia and Space in Ibiza. ...

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