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There are at least 3 bands using the name Deranged.

1) Deranged, one of the few Swedish death metal bands that came out during the early nineties, that have done their own kind of no remorse showing, intense and truly brutal death metal. No matter what other bands around were and are doing, you can be sure that Deranged will always deliver the most brutal and violent death metal man can create!

Deranged have been around since 1991 and quickly after the formation of the band, they recorded and released their only official demo tape, the four song "...The Confessions of a Necrophile" which gave them a 7" single deal with the Japanese label Obliteration Records. The name of the now sold out 7" single was "...The Confes...

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Seeds in Barren Fields

Chronic Torment

Chronic Torment is an old school death metal band from Sweden. The band was founded in 1991 and shortly changed their name to Sacretomia. They reformed as Chronic Torment in 2006 & released the 'Doomed' album.

Chronic Torment is:

Tom Alcohol - Vocals & Drums
Joppe Juoppo - Guitar
Mika 3,5 - Guitar
Mirko Hangover - Bass

Band location : Gothenburg, Sweden. Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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