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Offpiste Gurus (DK)

Offpiste Gurus: Danish indie-jazz-and-beyound
The word “off piste” associates to off-piste skiing and implies a chosen path, somewhere off the beaten track, in unmarked and unpatroled areas. This is also true for Offpiste Gurus' music, which moves freely outside the boundaries of the well-known genre resorts.
Offpiste Gurus are a Danish indie-jazz-and-beyound band based in Copenhagen.
The unorthodox instrumentation features plenty of Fredrik Lundin's dark, gritty and passionate saxophones, Thomas Vang's warm and steady Hoefner bass, Jeppe Gram's super groovy and delicate drums, all of which is a perfect offset for Trinelise Væring's ardent and charismatic voice and occasional banjo riffs.
Offpiste Gurus’ music combin...

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