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Thurneman are a Swedish Punk/Hardcore band who formed in 2006.
Sounds like mid 80´s HC band
Think Scandinavian Rawpunk, mixed with more melodic punk (Hüsker Dü, Dag Nasty, Indigesti) and you have what this is.

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Mary's Kids

Mary's Kids have been thrashing their power driven punk sound around the scene for the last few years, in which time they've released a couple of 7”s and an LP through labels such as Bootleg Booze and ONE 78 Records, which along with their energetic live shows, have helped put Mary's Kids name firmly in place on the underground punk rock map.

Mary put the first line up of the band together in her native Norway after the break-up of her previous gang, Mensen. Shortly after this line up released the “Destroy” 7” in 2007, Mary relocated the Kids to Stockholm and a new line up was formed which included various friends from the communal Swedish punk scene.

In 2009 the band released it's first full length. This rele...

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