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The Cold Harbour (UK)

Empty Handed (DE)

We started as a Band in late 2009. I think we had no real plans about what we are doing and where to end up (and we still have no idea). We were 3 kids who desperately love music (and still do). Our first idea was to cover some songs to get to know in which direction this whole thing should lead. But covering songs is not our thing, I guess. So we started writing own songs. Our first song was "Give up on me". Actually the song had its name before we ourselves had a name. Pretty strange, I think. So we were searching for a name.. We had long discussions on that. Empty Handed was our solution. We still like that name. Thats a good thing. Having a myspace account and some demo tracks up (Give up on me / Retrospective Dependence...

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Kräftbarn (DK)